Creating a Modern Look with Jolie Paint

Modern style generally speaks for design trends that began in the 20th-century, including the well-known subset Mid-Century Modern. Simplicity, clean lines, and few accessories are common characteristics of a modern home.

Modern Colors

Neutral, monochromatic color schemes are common in modern and contemporary design. Start with a foundation of bright whites and soft greys, then add in pops of black or earth tones for contrast.

Modern Finishes

The Smooth Finish from our Everyday Guide is perfect for modern interiors or furniture that lends itself to modern design. Flat brushwork and a waxed finish buffed to a slight sheen will give your project a sleek, contemporary feel.

You may also choose to leave some wood items unpainted and simply apply Jolie Finishing Wax to bring out the natural character of the wood.

Modern Projects

We've rounded up some of our favorite modern projects using Jolie products below. Browse more modern style inspiration here.

If you have a project you would like to share, be sure to tag us on social media and use the hashtag #JolieByMe.

Desk in Zen

Console in Classic Navy

Image via Dash Lifestyles; Cabinets in Slate

Image via Pretty Distressed; Desk in Noir

Get Your Materials

Recreate this look for your own space by using the Jolie products below. For our full collection, shop here.

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