The Smooth Finish with Jolie Paint

The Smooth Finish from our Everyday Guide is perfect for modern interiors or furniture that lends itself to modern design. Flat brushwork and a waxed finish buffed to a slight sheen will give your project a sleek, contemporary feel.

Read on for step-by-step instructions or check out our instructional video below.

Tools & Materials

Step 1

To ensure the smoothest base for your paint and to remove any surface debris or scratches, sand your surface in the direction of the wood grain with a medium or fine Jolie Sanding Pad.

Step 2

Pour some of your Jolie Paint into a separate mixing container and add a small amount of water (about 5-10%). Stir well. Paint should flow nicely off your brush without being runny or drippy. Use a Jolie Flat Brush to apply long, smooth strokes of the diluted paint in the direction of the wood grain. Hold your brush at an angle and apply light pressure as you paint. Finish with continuous, even strokes from end to end to avoid start and stop brush marks. Allow paint to dry. Dry time usually takes about 20 minutes but varies based on climate and thickness of paint application.

Step 3

Use a fine Jolie Sanding Pad to remove any unwanted texture and wipe away sanding dust before proceeding with the next coat. Apply additional coats of paint in the same manner as the first until you have adequate coverage. Allow each coat to dry completely before applying the next. Do not sand the last coat of paint as it may cause the wax to be absorbed unevenly.

Step 4

Use your Jolie Wax Brush to apply a small amount of Jolie Finishing Wax in Clear. Working in manageable sections of 2-3 square feet at a time, use a gentle sweeping motion to work the Clear Finishing Wax into the paint. Work in the same direction as your paint brushstrokes. The Jolie Paint color will become slightly darker after the wax is applied. Proceed to step five before waxing the next section.

Step 5

Any surplus of wax should be wiped away using a lint-free cloth and applying medium pressure. As the cloth becomes saturated with wax, you will need to replace or move to a clean area of your cloth so that it will continue to absorb wax. Continue on to your next unwaxed section and repeat steps four and five until you have waxed the entire surface.

FOR LARGE AREAS: After waxing and wiping individual sections, apply a very thin coat of Clear Finishing Wax from one side to the other and wipe the surface to even out the finish.

Step 6

The wax is dry when it no longer feels cool to the touch, usually within 1-2 hours. Lightly and evenly sand the surface using a fine Jolie Sanding Pad to further smooth the finish. Wipe away the dust with a damp cloth. Apply one final coat of Clear Finishing Wax and remove the excess, working from end to end. Leave the finish as is for a natural matte sheen, or allow the wax to dry for 1-2 hours before buffing with a soft, lint-free cloth for a more polished look. For surfaces that require more durability, apply at least two coats of Clear Finishing Wax. Wait at least eight hours between coats. Jolie Finishing Wax will fully cure and harden in two weeks. During this time period, be gentle and take care when using your piece.

The Smooth Finish with Jolie Paint

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