Embellishment Products

Our embellishment products were created to bring depth to your finishes and designs. Jolie Home offers two ways to add gorgeous metallic embellishments to surfaces: Gilding Wax and Gold Size with Metal Leaf. Jolie Gilding Wax can be used to give metallic highlights to carvings, appliqués, or hardware, while Metal Leaf offers an authentic way of adding metallic accents to furniture or accessories.

Gilding Wax is available in Gold, Silver, and Copper.

Metal Leaf is available in Gold, Silver, and Copper. Use with Gold Size.

Silver | Jolie Gilding Wax

$19.95 USD
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Coming Soon

Jolie Extender

$20.95 USD

Jolie Metal Leaf

$19.95 USD

The Metallic Touch | Jolie Kit

$85.30 USD $76.77 USD

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