The Signature Neutrals Color Collection

Our Signature Neutrals include five classic colors that are staples in any home. These five are likely your fashion favorites as well – colors that you are comfortable with and want to use over and over again. Our Signature Neutrals can be paired with virtually any color in the Jolie color range.

Gesso White

We all love our Jolie whites, and Gesso White is no exception. Pure White is the absence of all pigment, Antique White is a warm white with ivory undertones, and now we offer Gesso White: a cool white that is perfect for color mixing and color pairing.

Swedish Grey

Swedish Grey is our perfect greige color. It reads as a soft grey that will offer subtle contrast against your white walls. Although Swedish Grey is a natural choice for European inspired interiors, this grey can be incorporated into any style.

Classic Navy

Classic Navy is a mid-tone navy with grey undertones. It can be chic and sophisticated with metallic accents, like brass or gold, or made to look more casual or nautical with whites and subdued greys. Navy is used almost as often as black in fashion and interiors, which is why we included it in our Signature Neutrals.


Stronger than our softer Graphite color, Noir is a pure black that’s great for creating an impact. It works with everything, just like your little black dress or your favorite suit.


Espresso is our deep, dark, chocolatey brown. We love using it on table tops to mimic dark luscious woods or as an anchor piece in a room that has loads of color. Espresso pairs well with all colors, but we particularly like it with warm orangey pinks or blushes.

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