Painted Easter Eggs & "Basket"

Create beautiful, budget-friendly Easter decorations with Jolie Paint and Metal Leaf! Follow the step-by-step tutorial or watch the video tutorial to learn to paint and gild wooden Easter eggs and metal buckets.

Read the step-by-step instructions below or check out our instructional video.

Tools & Materials

Step 1

Use Jolie Artist Brushes to paint the wooden egg with Jolie Paint (we used Deep Lagoon). If doing a dipped effect, dilute the paint with a little bit of water in a separate container and dip your egg. Allow the paint to dry.

Apply a second coat of Jolie Paint if necessary. Allow the paint to dry.

Step 2

Apply Gold Size with an Artist Brush (or smaller tool if necessary) in the places that you are going to gild with Metal Leaf.

  • For cleaner lines, place painters’ tape over the areas that you do not want to gild before applying Gold Size.
  • For a more natural effect, stipple the Gold Size randomly over the surface, leaving some places untouched.
  • You can also dip your egg into the Gold Size for a natural dipped effect. Wipe off any excess.

Step 3

Allow the Gold Size to come to tack (it should be clear and feel sticky). This should take about 10-20 minutes.

Cut your Jolie Metal Leaf (we used Gold) into smaller strips so that it is easier to handle. Place your Metal Leaf over the tacky size.

Step 4

Use a soft, dry brush to push the leaf into place and brush off the excess. Allow the Gold Size and Metal Leaf to dry in place.

Step 5

Carefully remove any painter's tape from your eggs if you used it. Apply a protective coat of Jolie Finishing Wax in Clear to your eggs with a soft, lint-free cloth. Wipe back any excess with a clean cloth.

Follow the same steps to paint your Easter bucket "basket." If painting a shiny metal and the paint is not sticking, sand the surface slightly with a Jolie Sanding Pad to add some tooth to the surface and repaint.

Tutorial: Painted Easter Eggs & Metal Basket

Get Your Materials

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