Calculating How Much Paint You Need For a Project

One question we are commonly asked: How much product do I need to buy for my project? This is an important step in planning any paint project, so we've put together some tips to help guide you.

Jolie Paint

To start, you'll want to calculate how much Jolie Paint you need. To do this, you'll need to measure the area that you will be painting to get a rough estimate of the square footage. Consider that you will likely apply 2-3 coats of paint over your surface (unless you are doing a washed finish where one coat is sufficient), so you'll want to include this in your calculations. Actual paint coverage may vary depending on color, surface, and application.

Square Footage of Project × Coats of Paint = TOTAL COVERAGE NEEDED


One 4oz (118ml) sample covers approximately 18.8 square feet (1.7 square meters).

One quart (946ml) covers approximately 150 square feet (13.9 square meters).

One gallon covers approximately 600 square feet (55 square meters).

After you've taken your measurements and determined the total coverage needed, use the following formulas to determine how many samples, quarts or gallons of Jolie Paint you will need:

Total Coverage Needed ÷ 18.8 sq. ft. (or 13.9 sq. m.) ≈ NUMBER OF 4oz SAMPLES NEEDED

Total Coverage Needed ÷ 150 sq. ft. (or 13.9 sq. m.) ≈ NUMBER OF QUARTS OF PAINT NEEDED

Total Coverage Needed ÷ 600 sq. ft. (or 55 sq. m.) ≈ NUMBER OF GALLONS OF PAINT NEEDED


Pro Tip: If the surface you are painting is dark and you want to apply a lighter color of Jolie Paint (such as one of our whites), you can use one of our mid-tone colors (Farmhouse Beige, Uptown Ecru, or French Grey) as a base coat. These colors will block the original finish from peeking through. This will also reduce the number of coats of paint required overall, making the painting process faster and more manageable. This is particularly helpful when tackling large projects, such as kitchen cabinets.

If you are using a custom color mix of Jolie Paint, be sure to mix enough paint for the entire project ahead of time. We offer custom paint colors by the gallon through our Jolie Custom Color Program.


If you plan to seal your project, the next step is to determine how much Jolie Topcoat is needed. We have a few different topcoat options in the Jolie range: Finishing Wax and Varnish are our go-tos for interior furnishings, cabinets, and home accessories. If you're unsure of the differences, you can check out our Varnish Tutorial. Jolie Floor Varnish is our recommended topcoat for floor projects.

Finishing Wax

One 500ml can of Clear Finishing Wax will cover about the same surface area as 2-3 quarts of Jolie Paint. For smaller projects, such as a single piece of furniture, 120ml cans of wax are available.

Coverage will vary depending on the thickness of the application and number of coats needed.For surfaces that require more durability, we recommend applying at least two coats. Make sure to save a small amount of Finishing Wax for occasional touch ups.

Recommended amounts for colored Finishing Waxes vary based on technique and desired level of color embellishment over Jolie Paint.


One quart of Jolie Varnish will cover approximately 100-125 square feet (10-12 square meters). One gallon of Varnish covers approximately 400-500 square feet (40-48 square meters). Varnish usually requires 2-3 coats.

Floor Varnish

One quart of Floor Varnish will cover approximately 100-125 square feet (10-12 square meters). Actual coverage varies depending on the absorbency of the floor surface and its previous finish. Floor Varnish usually requires at least two very thin coats and should never be applied in one thick coat. Allow each coat to dry for at least eight hours before applying the next.

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