5 Relaxing Paint Colors for the Bedroom

Often times people will leave the bedroom at the bottom of the home makeover list because it is not a space they entertain in. However, the master bedroom is incredibly important to you and your emotional wellbeing, which is why we think it deserves a little love! To help inspire you to give your bedroom a refresh, we've rounded up some of our favorite paint colors for creating a space where you can relax, unwind, and prepare for a restful sleep.

Since the goal in any bedroom is to create a serene space, we recommend steering clear of brighter, more saturated colors, like reds and yellows, as these are going to be more stimulating. Instead, opt for soft, earthy neutrals that will help to create a soothing environment. The Jolie Serenity Collection was developed to do just that. Comprised of five nature-inspired hues, this collection is the perfect foundation for any bedroom color palette.

Read on for a look into each color, plus some projects from the Jolie Community to get you inspired!

Palace White

Not too warm, not too cool, Jolie Paint in Palace White works well in almost any space. It's one of the brighter whites in the Jolie palette, appearing clean and crisp with just a touch more warmth than Pure White. Use it on your walls or bedroom furniture that needs a little brightening up.

Dove Grey

Dove Grey is a very light grey that can appear nearly white depending on the lighting in your space. It falls on the warmer end of the color spectrum and has hints of beige undertones. One of the more universal hues in the Jolie color range, Dove Grey pairs easily with most colors and works well in any style space.


Jolie Paint in Zen is a soft, beige-taupe that can read like a very light pink. Perfect for projects where you want to create a subtle sense of femininity, use it layered with whites, greys, and warm woods to create a peaceful, spa-like space.

Misty Cove

Inspired by the beautiful rock formations in Malibu, California, Misty Cove is a cool, mid-tone grey with transitional hints of blue-green undertones that shine through depending on how the light hits.


Eucalyptus is a soft, muted green with grey undertones that layers beautifully with other neutrals, especially blacks, whites and soft, sophisticated pinks. Pair this color with woven baskets or a jute rug for a laid back vibe.

If you plan on painting your furniture, we don't recommend painting everything the same color. Adding a bit of variation will make the room feel more thoughtfully designed and keep it from feeling too matchy. Try selecting a different color for a statement piece, such as your bed, armoire or nightstands, to make it stand out from the rest. Choose multiple colors from the Serenity Collection above for a light, airy look, or add pops of blues and greens, which have been shown to promote sleep. Classic Navy, Bliss, and Legacy are a few of our favorite accent colors.

In addition to painting, there are a few extra steps you can take to create a peaceful space. If you can, choose nightstands that have storage or shelving so that the tops can be dressed with a coaster for your bedtime water, a lamp, a sentimental object or a small vase for fresh flowers. Baskets also work well for minimizing clutter. If you have trouble unwinding at night, make sure that you have a dimmable light and you can try a diffuser with some lavender aromatherapy.

We hope these tips inspire you to freshen up your space and create a room that you can really benefit from. You deserve it!

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