Custom Paint Colors by the Gallon

Any of the 300+ custom colors from the Jolie Color Mixing Guide can be ordered premixed by the gallon. Simply select a color from the mixing guide, and our team will tint a gallon to match. Jolie Paint color mixes are perfect for larger paint projects, including cabinetry, walls, and floors.

Our custom paint colors offer a convenient way to start your home project and add beautiful colors to your interiors. Browse our extensive selection of custom paint colors for all your project needs. Available in gallons only. 

Jolie Paint color mixes are part of our Custom Color Program. If you are interested in using Jolie Paint in a color that is not included in our Color Mixing Guide, we can match it! Learn more about how to order a custom color match here.

Want one of our 42 pre-tinted colors in a gallon? Shop Jolie Paint pre-tinted colors here.